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WWE and the entire pro wrestling world is saddened to learn of the passing of William Moody, aka Paul Bearer, last March 5 after suffering from issues with his gallbladder. He was 58 years old. 

Moody made his WWE debut in 1991 as the manager of The Undertaker and went on to become a memorable part of WWE over the course of the next 20 years.

In a WWE career that spanned three decades, Paul Bearer entertained fans as one of sports-entertainment’s most recognizable managers in history. While he might have terrified youngsters with an iconic shrill voice upon his WWE arrival in 1991, Paul Bearer truly became one of WWE’s most beloved personalities.

Mostly known for helping to catapult The Undertaker (Mark Calaway) to championships, Moody also helped launch the WWE careers of Kane (Glenn Jacobs) and Mankind (Mick Foley). Prior to joining WWE, Bearer worked under the persona of Percy Pringle in World Class Championship Wrestling and elsewhere, where he nurtured the talents of ring greats including Rick Rude, Steve Austin, Lex Luger and Ultimate Warrior. It should come as no surprise that when news broke of Moody’s passing on Tuesday evening, more than just fans were compelled to pay respects.

"Rest in peace, Paul Bearer. You will never be forgotten. There will never be another." - Triple H (@TripleH)

"R.I.P my friend,you will never be replaced.Not to late to add to the HOF" - Kevin Nash (@RealKevinNash)

"Very sad to hear about William Moody/Paul Bearer. Such a sweet man, and my friend. My condolences to his family. I’ll miss ya Uncle Paul" - Edge (@EdgeRatedR)

"This picture was taken 10 days ago…we lost a dear friend will be missed by many, Paul Bearer.” - Jerry Lawler (@JerryLawler)

"Paul Bearer/William Moody, you taught me so much. It truly saddens me to hear about this! I Love You, and I thank you eternally! RIP" - Ricardo Rodriguez (@RRWWE)

"Sad to hear about the passing of Paul Bearer. One of the best managers of all time. Pretty sure EVERYONE has tried imitating his voice" - Tyson Kidd (@KiddWWE)

"Very sorry to hear of the passing of Paul Bearer.My best wishes to his family.A lovely man and my friend.RIP." - William Regal (@RealKingRegal)

"I 1st saw Percy Pringle III in World Class hated him so much. He did his job so well. He then became Paul Bearer” - Tommy Dreamer (@THETOMMYDREAMER)

"Prayers go out to the family of Paul Bearer." - Damien Sandow @THEDAMIENSANDOW

"The wrestling world lost a good man today and I lost a good friend. Paul Bearer, rest in peace my friend" - Ted DiBiase (@MDMTedDiBiase)

"Saddened to learn of the passing of Paul Bearer (William Moody). He was a unique, one of a kind individual both in and out of the ring. RIP" - Howard Finkel (@howardfinkel)

"Very sad night. RIP Paul Bearer, a man I grew up watching on tv and was lucky enough to have later on, as a friend.” - Justin Roberts (@JustinRoberts)

"Very sad about Paul Bearer,he was a great person and one of the original boys,he was what made wrestling great much love much respect HH" - Hulk Hogan (@HulkHogan)

"Great time w Paul Bearer & friends from the last overseas tour of the Kliq.” - Sean Waltman (@TheRealXPac)

"I think most everyone in @WWE has a great story about Paul Bearer. I have many, and will always cherish them #RIPPaulBearer" - John Cena (@JohnCena)

From all of us here at Stunning Facts, our deepest condolences go out to Moody’s family, friends and fans.


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